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"The more I work with iHTML the better it gets."
Scott Shulman, Mainstream Technologies Inc.

"I would like to tell you how wonderful of a program it is. I advise other companies on what OS'es and servers they should run, and until now I would advise to use Cold Fusion with their servers, after seeing even a little of iHTML I have changed my mind. "
Amitai Rottem

"Had looked at all the other alternatives found out about iHTML , decided to try it... best decision ever! Thanks again for the GREAT product and GREAT support."
Jim Anderson, Acuity Interactive

"I accidently found out about iHTML while looking for a shopping cart system, after having a look at it for a short time I decided that iMERCHANT was the way to go. I have now been using iMERCHANT and iHTML for approximately 2 weeks, in that time I have discovered the power of iHTML and I am now in the process of developing some very large projects using it, that are totally unrelated to online shopping. iHTML's features make it possible to do some amazing things, and my list of projects and things to do with iHTML grow's on a daily basis. Thanks to Russ and the iHTML team at Inline for making such a great product. I haven't been this excited or impressed with a web orientated product since Mosaic was first released!"
Drew Whittle,

"The reality is that iHTML is a very powerful and flexible tool for webmasters who want to dynamically build pages."
Sean Chitwood, TravelHost

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