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Making Dynamic Websites Affordable
iHTML is a very powerful server side scripting language for the Internet which allows the creation of customized interactive web sites. iHTML gives you the tools to build dynamic web sites that allow real time interaction between the user and the data being presented. In fact, iHTML was built with technology in mind in bringing the power of the large sites on the Internet to the small developer on a fixed budget. iHTML is built on six technology areas which include our unique Back Page Processing, dynamic graphics, traditional programming, flow control/error handling, web to database access and Internet specific features. Our powerful recursive programming features actually allows source code to change on the fly making it a truly dynamic product!

iHTML Merchant E-commerce Solution
A full blown sophisticated e-business solution for Small to Medium sized businesses.

A basic shopping cart solution to add ecommerce features to any site anywhere.

iHTML Users
A list of companies that use iHTML.

Customer Quotes
Quotes from customers who are using iHTML.

Quick Reference Table
A quick guide to iHTML's features for use in comparison charts

Data Sheet
A concise overview of the iHTML product.

Uses of iHTML
Different ways to use iHTML

iHTML supports several web servers under Windows NT/2000/XP, and UNIX (Linux/FreeBSD).

iHTML is available in 5 packages to cater to your specific needs.

ODBC Driver Providers
Some links to ODBC driver provider web sites.

Replaceable Software
Software that iHTML can replace.

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