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Inline/iHTML Capabilities
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Inline has been involved in various Internet related development projects since its inception in May 1995. We have a wide variety range of experience and tend to work on more difficult projects where we can use our expertise effectively.

TCP/IP and Low Level Networking
We have developed numerous TCP/IP based applications to allow communication between disparate systems. This includes moving data from a POS system to a centralized location for processing, moving data in real time from a stock market system to a web based portfolio manager, hardware interfacing to an environmental control system with a web based interface and more.

Most projects we undertake involve some sort of SQL relational database. We have done projects with small base systems such as MS Access to large like Oracle, with Sybase, MS SQL, Postgres and mySQL in between. We are well versed in proper database design, use of stored procedures, and cross platform database script creation. We have also written 30+ ODBC drivers including a TDS driver to talk to MS databases from Linux machines. We have also added extended functionality to Postgres to add features that were available in MS SQL but not Postgres.

Cross Platform Capable
Most work we do runs on more than one operating system and we have well developed libaries to abstract operating system differences to provide cross platform solutions. We have worked with Windows (various verisons), Linux (various distributions), SCO, Solaris, BSDI, FreeBSD, and Novell. Our underlying technology is all C language based with our development tool called iHTML which is used to build the web applications. Our software also runs on a wide range of different web servers.

We developed and sell a popular eCommerce storefront software package called iHTML Merchant that is in use at over 10000 stores worldwide. This provides companies that wish to sell goods online with a complete system to manage their business. There are several products in this line, ranging from single item purchases up to a multistore mall, with several intermediate levels of store functionality.

Payment Processor Gateway API (oPAYc)
We have integrated over 50 different payment processor gateway companies into a standardized API and our eCommerce storefront software. Most of this involved abstracting various different systems into a single common interface and adding security where necessary. This heavily relied on TCP/SSL underlying functionality to communicate securely between the store software and the credit card and banking networks. This system is also available to integrators as a separate product offering as well as being used in our other software.

Hardware Integration
We have done a number of projects with hardware integration to the Internet. For the Canadian government we developed a two way nterface between an environmental control system and a web browser using Java, iHTML and SQL. In this project a change of a control in the browser would change the environment setting and if the setting changed outside of the browser (ie: temp went up) it would be reflected in the browser in real time. For the Canadian Coast Guard we developed a system to monitor ships at various points along the St. Lawrence Seaway using video camera's, TCP connections and a web browser. This was developed long before the common use of cameras through web browsers happened. Our head developer has also done a number of personal projects to connect his entire house to a TCP/IP network and control lighting alarm system, etc., through a web browser.

General Web Development
We have developed various sophisticated non-brochureware type web sites that perform some sort of business function for the client. This has ranged from sites for cities, manufacturing companies, dotcom firms, technologies firms, marketing firms and others. More well known clients include Digital Equipment, Sony, Intel, iBILL, TD Bank, Ford/Lincoln Division, and Cisco.

This is a site we developed more as something to showcase some of our capabilities, than for a client and it was launched in April 1997. The site allows visitors to enter ingredients they have around the house and using a sophisticated matching algorithm provides recipes which the visitor can make with their ingredients. There are over 6000 recipes in the database. The site has been featured on CNN and various smaller TV stations, in Newsweek, Yahoo InternetLife, Maxim Magazine, various newspapers and radio stations and on thousands of sites around the Internet. The site gets over 2 million page views a month.

We have recently integrated a number of XML based services into our Ecommerce software package. This included a shipping calculator service that interfaces to various shipping companies. We also integrated a bridal registry type service. Using WAP we built an interface between a stock market system and cell phone users. This allowed the cell phone users to look up portfolio information, stock pricing and perform stock trades. Full XML functionality has also been built into our iHTML engine but this is not released to the public yet but can be used for development projects Inline works on.

File Converters
Inline has written file format converters as well, for example to be able to display Word Perfect files natively in a web browser. We have also written graphics file converters to be able to convert and display in real time non-supported graphics formats such as BMP in a browser.

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