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New 1.2.0 Installer Update
We have completely revamped the Inline Installer and we are very excited about this release as we have addressed every known bug issue and made a large number of general improvements.

Some of the improvements include:

Support for the iHTML developer edition (free)
Support for the iHTML EP edition
Configures IIS 4/5/6 fully and correctly
Configures Apache fully and correctly
Works on Windows 2003 Server
Works on FreeBSD 4.x fully
Supports package updates, to apply updates to existing software
Installs the correct ihtml.so on unix (for apache ver, ssl)
Detects frontpage extensions 3/4, enables frontpatch
Uses a proxy server to download behind firewalls
Sets SQLServer object ownership on the DB
Works with MySQL 4
Works with myodbc3
Works with new postgres ODBC driver (psqlodbc)
Installs to UNC paths on Windows
Allows a shared DSN (for sqlserver connection's)
Able to run the installer from a path containing spaces
Sets filesystem permissions (both to enable apps to run, and to set reasonable security)
ihtmlconfig GUI is a separate app that updates ihtml registry settings without a web server restart and within a more secure configuration. (ihtmlconfig.exe/ihtmlconfig)
A set of shortcuts added to the Windows Start Menu
iHTML has a new key-form for less error prone installs

plus numerous bug fixes

As well the following software packages have been updated to the latest versions:
- iHTML (2.20.500 stable)
- Mall 1.05-2
- Merchant 2.51-8
- Merchant Ent 2.08-5
- Merchant Pro 2.08-2

The Installer version number is 1.2.0

To Upgrade:
Run any previous version of the installer, and it will inform you that an upgrade is available. Click 'continue' to allow the installer to upgrade itself to the latest version.

If this does not occur for any reason, such as firewall issues, please download it separately and extract the files over your existing installer directory.

You can download the latest installer at

Upgrading your Software:
Click on the Packages menu, then click Check for Updates, and download & install any updates that are available.

New Installs:
Click on the Download menu, and download any of the new packages.

If a Merchant package does not appear in the download list, then it is not registered to the MyiHTML account you are using. Please contact custserv@inline.net

If you have not previously used the installer to install any of the above Inline products, simply download the product and select the install option, then install to the same directory as your existing software. The installer will automatically detect your existing installation and perform an upgrade. This will save you valuable time in future, as multiple merchant store installations can be updated in one step, allowing you to easily stay on top of the latest product revisions.
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