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Why switch to iHTML from Cold Fusion

Want more features for your Cold Fusion Apps? iHTML can help.

There are a multitude of advanced features found in iHTML that are not available to Cold Fusion users. The following lists the features of iHTML not found in Cold Fusion and other reasons to make the switch.

The iHTML Merchant solution

This gives you a complete merchant system to get your customers stores on line in a minimal amount of time. Completely written in iHTML it can be modified for any use.

Back Page Processing

The powerful new technology only from Inline gives your HTML pages the capabilities to function like real applications. Inline again leading the way with new web application advancements.

Dynamic Graphics generation

Generate images on the fly as well as overlay images on the fly to create new graphics for your web pages.

Graphics Filters

Natively load .BMP, .TIF, .PCX and 7 other graphics formats on the fly without having to convert to GIF files and no browser plugin required.

CASE Statements

This very useful feature is missing from Cold Fusion. iHTML allows unlimited size case statements. Why get bogged down with complicated IF statements, just use a CASE.


Internet World found iHTML 2.0 to be faster than Cold Fusion 2.0. iHTML has had considerable speed improvements since the review that in some cases gives 900% faster access.

Database Cataloging

Database cataloging allows querying the ODBC drivers for all the datasources available to the iHTML Engine as well as the the databases, tables, column names and stored procedures in those datasources.

Server Push

Why worry about the standards for Server Push. The iHTML push technology integrates with any current method by allowing the streaming of data to the client.

Standard Error Handling

Create a standard error handling page for all your sites on the web server. This makes it a lot easier and faster to track down errors and problems on your pages.

404 Page Handling

Create a page to handle 404 errors that will be executed whenever one of these errors occur. Then simply embed an iMAIL tag to send the administrator a message to fix the problem. Helps see if people are trying to hack their way into your sites.

Virtual Paths

Another new powerful technology advance from Inline. Create virtual directories on your web server that all reference a single physical page that gets passed parameters to dynamically generate the page.


With iHTML Enterprise, get the power of faxing from your web pages or database using the iFAX tag set.

Hardware Device Control and Monitoring

iHTML provides basic hardware control for Joysticks and complete control of the NT registry from within the iHTML environment. iHTML can monitor analog or digital devices via the joystick ports, Control devices via the serial ports, and connect to video devices.

Over 100 Extra Tags

Click on this to view the many tags that Cold Fusion is missing.

If all the features are not enough then consider the price and support. For a limited time, upgrade from Cold Fusion to iHTML Pro for the unbeatable price of $ 295.

Remember that Cold Fusion and iHTML can co-exist on a single web server since they use different Mime types. Cold Fusion uses .CFM while iHTML can use whatever you want but typically either .HTM or .IHT. The only restriction is that Cold Fusion and iHTML tags can not reside on the same page.

If you would like more information on any of the above features, please feel free to email us at custserv@inline.net with your questions or comments.

Cold Fusion is a trademark of Allaire.

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