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Inline Leasing/Payment Plans

Inline Leasing/Payment Plans

Inline is excited to offer a new payment and leasing plan on selected software products.

iHTML Enterprise Plus $1290
4 monthly payments of $350

iHTML Merchant 2.0 Enterprise package $1495
5 monthly payments of $325

iHTML Merchant 2.5 package $1995
6 monthly payments of $365

iHTML Merchant Mall package $4090
6 monthly payments of $750
12 monthly payments of $400

Other products and packages may be eligible for a payment plan, talk to your sales representative today about the options.

A temporary license key is provided until the full payment has been received at which time a permanent license key is provided. Failure to make all the payments in the term specified will result in the license being revoked until paid in full, no refunds on payments made will be provided.

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