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New iHTML 2.1 Features

  • Back Page Processing
  • Dynamic Graphics
  • Graphics Filters
  • 10 new environment variables
  • Standard Error Handling Pages
  • Non-Existent Page Handling Feature
  • Considerable speed improvements on database access up to 900% faster
  • iHTML Merchant
  • and much much more….

Tag Enhancements

  • iMATH returns zero precision numbers now
  • iMAIL has a considerable amount of new directives including file attachments
  • iEQ to use COOKIES, preserve quotes and allow recursive processing
  • iDATE and iTIME can be used to format specified dates and times

Bugs Fixed

  • some combinations of the iIF tag would cause erratic behaviour, this is now fixed
  • no longer need to escape single quotation characters for database inserts and updates
  • MS Access could potentially lock up, this has been prevented
  • iCOUNTER feature could cause stuttering on a server, this is fixed
  • iREPLACE works with more than a single character
  • iFILE would not always work as expected, this has been fixed

New Tags

/iFORMAT End tag for iFORMAT

/iPOP Close the iPOP tag set

iABS Gets the absolute value of a specified value

iASC Gives the ASCII code for the specified ASCII character

iBASECONV Converts between different Base notations (Hex to Dec, Bin etc...)

iBIT Performs bitwise operations

iCEIL Rounds a number up

iCGI Runs any CGI, EXE, Batch program on the server

iCHR Gives the ASCII character for the specified ASCII code

iCLEAN Replaces words with alternates on specified text

iCONTENT Used to retrieve content type

iCRDATE Creates a valid date string when given month, day and year

iCRTIME Creates a valid time string

iDATEDIFF Returns the number of days between two dates

iDATEEXT Returns extended information about a given date, day of week, day of year etc.

iDIR Allows the creation of fancier directory listing with filtering

iDSN Get the default datasource name

iDTSTRUCT Breaks a date into it's component parts

iEVAL More powerful than iMATH, use English notation for a math statement

iFLOOR Rounds a number down

iFORMAT Used to format a mail message received with iPOPFETCH

iGETMIMEFILE Get a file that was uploaded through a browser

iGETMIMENAME Get the name of a file uploading with a browser

iGMTIME Returns Greenwich Mean Time

iHEAPDUMP Displays all the defined variables and values as well as error codes


iHTTP Does an HTTP request to a specified URL and returns page contents

iHTX Hook to add custom user written DLL program within iHTML


iIMAGECLEARCOLOR Clear a specified colour from an image

iIMAGECOPY Copy an image to another

iIMAGECREATE Create a new memory position for a graphic

iIMAGEDESTROY Destroy the image being built in memory

iIMAGEFILL Fill Image with a particular colour

iIMAGEFROMFILE Load an image from a file

iIMAGEGETCOLOR Get the colour of a specified pixel

iIMAGEGETCOMPONENT Gets the red, green, or blue component of a pixel colour

iIMAGEGETINFO Get the information on a specified image

iIMAGEGETPIXEL Gets the color index of pixel at x,y in an image

iIMAGELINE Draw a line

iIMAGERECT Draw a rectangle

iIMAGESETBRUSH Set the brush style

iIMAGESETINTERLACE Set whether a gif is stored as interlaced (quickdraw) or not

iIMAGESETPIXEL Set a specified pixel


iIMAGESETTRANSPARENT Set the image as transparent

iIMAGESTRETCH Stretch the image

iIMAGETEXT Display text in the image

iIMAGEWITHIN Put one image within another

iIMAGEWRITE Write the built image to disk

iIP Gets the domain given an IP or IP given the domain

iISALPHA Returns TRUE if the text is alphanumeric

iISDATE Returns TRUE if the date is a valid format

iISDIGIT Returns TRUE if the text is numeric

iISLEAP Returns TRUE if the specified year is a leap year

iISTIME Returns TRUE if the specified time is a valid time

iLINK Formats an href link (basically just a macro)

iMAX Gets the maximum number from a list of numbers

iMIN Gets the minimum number from a list of numbers

iNAP Waits for a specified period of time

iNUMTEXT Returns English words for a specified number

iPAY Links to popular electronic payment systems

iPEEK Used with iPUSH to determine client existence

iPING Returns time in milliseconds for specified IP address

iPOP Setup structure to get mail from a POP server

iPOPFETCH Fetch a mail message from a pop server

iPOPHEADER Fetch the header information for a message

iPUSH Server Push for use in pushing graphical images to a browser client

iREDIR Redirect the browser to a specified URL

iSCHEDULE Allows addition of entry to the Back Page Processor Engine

iSET More powerful than iEQ, allows use of multiple assignments

iSQLCOLUMNS Get the column names for a specified database table

iSQLPROCCOLUMNS Get a stored procedure columns

iSQLPROCS Get a list of the stored procedures for a specified database

iSQLTABLES Get the table names for a specified database

iSRVR Returns value of a specified server variable

iSTOP Stops page execution

iSTRCAT Concatenate two strings

iSTRJUST Justify specified text to left, right or center

iSTRKEEP Keeps or omits certain characters within a string

iSTRREV Reverses a string

iSTRTRIM Trim a string from the left or right of spaces

iTEMPNAME Creates a temporary file name

iTIMEDIFF Returns an amount of time between two times

iURLENCODE Encodes characters for use in a url (spaces, <, > etc…) as %asciivalue

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