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Website Pro

O'Reilly & Associates is a leading computer book and software publisher for the Internet industry. Well known for their leading line of computer books, including the famous Whole Internet User's Guide, O'Reilly has also been instrumental in the Web server market through their introduction of WebSite, the first major commercial Web server for Windows NT and 95. Aimed at enabling a broad market to leverage the power of the Net, WebSite has continued to attract a dedicated following of Web developers and Webmasters.

Through a partnership with Inline, O'Reilly has extended their WebSite Pro 2.0 product offering by bundling iHTML 2.1 Pro Edition with WebSite Pro. This integration gives the base of WebSite customers the ability to rapidly build interactive, database-driven Web applications without CGI programming. iHTML 2.1 also supports the O'Reilly WSAPI, giving iHTML developers a very high-performance application server environment on the WebSite platform.

O'Reilly is also bundling iHTML 2.1 Basic Edition with their Web Site Standard product which comes as part of the popular book "Building Your Own Web Site". This brings the power to create dynamic web sites to everyone.

Online Creations

Through a partnership with Online Creations, iHTML and the iHTML Merchant provides CyberCash processing for electronic commerce. Online Creations developed the integration of the iPAY tag to allow CyberCash processing.

Internet Secure

Through a partnership with Internet Secure, the iHTML Merchant can be integrated to VISA and MasterCard processing provided by Internet Secure. For more information, on how Internet Secure works, take a look at the following:

How Internet Secure Works
Internet Secure Application in MS Word format

We were able to arrange a $50Cdn discount on the setup fee with Internet Secure for our clients. Simply mention that you heard about Internet Secure from Inline and iHTML and get $50Cdn off!

We are continuing to develop new partnerships with industry leading firms, check back here as these get announced.

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