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Help with IIS 5/Win2K and iHTML

iHTML is supported on Windows NT/2000/XP, however there are a few minor things that might be missed by the install.

An ihtml install should complete successfully if you specify IIS4/IIS5 as your web server. After installation, perform the following steps:

1) The ihtml_config files that are distributed with ihtml for windows have been upgrated to correct an error (you see a 403 Execute Access Forbidden type of error). Download the file:
And unzip it into your c:\ihtml directory (or appropriate path where ihtml is installed). Make sure the 'Use Folder Names' option is selected in Winzip so the files are extracted into the correct subfolders.

2) Run 'regedt32' and browse to the key: /hkey_local_machine/software/inline/ihtml/currentversion
Change the value of 'noerrorpage' to /ihtml/noerror.ihtml
Change the value of 'noexistpage' to c:\ihtml\ihtml\noexist.ihtml
(substitute c:\ihtml with your ihtml install path)
3) Still using regedt32, select the key /hkey_local_machine/software/inline, and choose Security -> permissions from the menu. Add the IUSR_COMPUTERNAME and IWAM_COMPUTERNAME accounts to the list with 'Full Control' permissions. Apply changes to all subkeys.
4) Finally restart the webserver using the commands:
net stop iisadmin
net start w3svc
net start msftpsvc

You should now be able to visit: http://localhost/ihtml/ or and test that iHTML is working.

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