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Dynamic Graphics

With our powerful graphics engine, it is now possible to program graphics; draw images on the fly or overlay one graphic image on top of another, within an HTML document. Combined with the database access tools it can be used to generate charts and graphs from data stored in a corporate database system. All processing is done on the server and no plug-ins or special browsers are required. iHTML's graphics features open up a whole new world of web possibilities. iHTML 2.20 can also natively load over 10 different graphics file formats such as BMP, PCX and TIF, and do the conversion to JPG or PNG on the fly.

  • Create an image from scratch
  • Modify a preloaded image
  • Drawing functions such as line, rectangle, arc
  • Graphics filters to natively load BMP, PCX, TIF and other 10 other standard graphics formats
  • Overlay graphics to create a collage image
  • Use TrueType(tm) fonts to create buttons or text graphics
  • Create Morphed images on the fly
  • Handle Gradients


On the fly graphing!
A simple demonstration showing some of the capabilities of iHTML's dynamic graphics engine.

Create Buttons and Graphics
A simple demonstration showing various aspects of the graphics features in iHTML to create web page buttons.

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