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NT Remote Control

Starting and Stopping NT Services
NT Registry Editing Tags
On the Fly reconfiguration of iHTML
iREGKEYAllows reading and writing to Windows NT registry key
iREGVALAllows reading and writing to Windows NT registry key
iSVCStarts and stops NT services
iCONFIGConfigure iHTML registry settings
iREFRESHReset the iHTML settings

Hardware Control

AVI Device connectivity (including QuickCam)
Joystick Port Monitoring
Serial Port Control
iPAGERSend messages to a numeric/alphanumeric pager (needs modem and paging service access)
iFAXSend Faxes from the web server (needs Fax modem and delrina winfax)
iPORTServer serial port control through
/iFAXCloses the iFAX tag set
iVIDCAPCapture live video from Connectix camera onto the web, works like CUSEEME
iBEEPCreates a beep on the server

String and Data Manipulation

Regular Expression Handling (RegEx)
Perform Bit shifting
List Handling
Better Cookie handling tag
Date and Time handling improvements
Ability to Undefine variables
Other string handling features
iREGEXLISTRegular expression list handling
iREGEXFINDFind an item in a list using regex
iREGEXREPLACEReplace items in text using regex
iLISTCREATECreate a new list
iLISTINSERTInsert an item in a list
iLISTGETGet an item from a list
iCOOKIECreate all cookie versions
iSHIFTDoes bit shifting
iCRDATETIMECreate a single date/time string
iDATETIMEReturn the date and time as a single string
iUNDEFINEUndefine a variable
iISFORMATDetermine if a source text is of a particular format
iSTRCSPANSpans a text string until a specified character is found
iSTRWITHInclude or exclude a substring in a string
iSTRREMRemoves a substring from a text string
iVALGives the value of leading numeric characters on a string
iISTRUEReturn whether the argument is true or not
iSTRIPCHRStrip characters from a string of text
iUNDEFINESETUndefines a set of variables

New Tags

Natively Displaying WP Files
Modify the HTTP Headers
Inline Function Creation
Remark out sections of iHTML code
Nested ELSEIF's
More error handling
File download and transfer tags
iADDHEADERAdd your own header information from the server
iVIEWFILEView WP files natively on a web page
iFUNCTIONStart an inline function
/iFUNCTIONEnd an inline function
iFUNCCALLCall an inline function
iREMBLOCKBlock out sections of code
/iREMBLOCKEnding of remark block
iBREAKBreak out of a loop or case statement
iFILEINFOGet information/attributes about a file
iELSEIFIf statement on an ELSE
iDEFAULTSet a variable default value if not defined
iDOWNLOADAllows downloading of files to the browser
iERRORPAGEActions to take on an error, provides more diagnotics

New Internet Specific Tags
iFTPOpen an FTP session
iFTPACTIONPerform an FTP action
/iFTPClose an FTP session
iTELNETOpen a telnet session
iTELGETGet data for a telnet session
iTELSETSend data for a telnet session
/iTELNETClose a telnet session
iFINGERDo a finger lookup
iBANNERComplete banner ad management system in one tag

Improved and Additional Database Tags
iSQLMOREAllows reuse of the same connection for another sql statement
iSQLTRANSAllows grouping a set of SQL commands in a transaction
/iSQLTRANSCloses off the SQL transaction set
iDBQUERYMake the SQL structure familiar to Cold Fusion users
/iDBQUERYCloses the iDBQUERY tag structure
iDBLOOPAllows looping through the results sets from the iDBQUERY query
/iDBLOOPMarks the end of the iDBLOOP
iDBTABLECreates a tables layout with database data
/iDBTABLECloses the iDBTABLE tag set
iDBCOLUMNUsed in conjunction with iDBTABLE
iDBRESULTSGets the results from a iDBQUERY tag set
/iDBRESULTSCloses the iDBRESULTS tag set
iSQLNEXTSETGet results from a multi-result set

Non-Tag Features

Virtual Paths
Field Validation Functionality

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