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Environment Variables Access 25 environment variables such as browser type, ip address etc. as variables in web pages
iSRVR Get the value from any server or environment variable

Technology Area : Internet

iIP Gets the domain given an IP or IP given the domain
iPOP Setup structure to get mail from a POP server
iPOPFETCH Fetch a mail message from a pop server
iPOPHEADER Retrieve the header information for a message into variables
/iPOP Close the iPOP tag set
iCOUNTER Get value from automated counters for a page
iREDIR Redirect the browser to a specified URL
iCLASSC Gets the Class C address of the current visitor
iMAIL Allows sending of email messages from an HTML page
/iMAIL End tag for the iMAIL feature
iREM Remark out confidential notes, View Source in browser can't see them

Technology Area : Database

iFILE Access a flat text file for read, write or append
iRANDOM Generate a random record from a database (ie: random ads)
iDSN Get the default datasource name
iSQLCOLUMNS Get the column names for a specified database table
iSQLPROCCOLUMNS Get a stored procedure columns
iSQLPROCS Get a list of the stored procedures for a specified database
iSQLTABLES Get the table names for a specified database
iHTML The original database tag, simply give it an SQL statement to execute
iSQL More advanced database access, nest queries, multiple datasources
iSQLFETCH Gets a result record one at a time
/iSQL Closes the iSQL tag set

Technology Area : Flow Control & Error Handling

iAUTHOR Will leave original source in the page sent to the browser
/iAUTHOR Ends the iAUTHOR block
iCASE Allows actions based on different cases (see iIF)
/iCASE Closes the iCASE tag set
iCLEAR Clears all processed content from the buffer
iINCLUDE Include an HTML file within another, for reusing code
iSWITCH Used with iCASE for a default condition
/iSWITCH Closes the iSWITCH tag set
iWHILE Loops while a specified statement is TRUE
/iWHILE Closes the iWHILE tag set
iERROR Creates an error block that is executed on an error
/iERROR Closes the error block
iLOOP Loop a certain number of times
/iLOOP Closes the loop block
iIF Check a TRUE or FALSE condition, executes the TRUE block
iELSE Execute the FALSE block
/iIF Closes the iIF tag set

Technology Area : Traditional Programming

iDATEDIFF Returns the number of days between two dates
iTIMEDIFF Returns an amount of time betweeen two times
iABS Gets the absolute value of a specified value
iBIT Performs bitwise operations
iASC Gives the ASCII code for the specified ASCII character
iCHR Gives the ASCII character for the specified ASCII code
iISALPHA Returns TRUE if the text is alphanumeric
iISDEF Returns TRUE if the specified variable is defined
iISDIGIT Returns TRUE if the text is numeric
iPRINTF Like C printf functions to display text in a particular format
iTIMESLOT Performs the specified action if current time is within the specified time
iCEIL Rounds a number up
iFLOOR Rounds a number down
iMATH Performs more complicated Mathematical operations (see iEVAL)
iCRDATE Creates a valid date string when given month, day and year
iCRTIME Creates a valid time string
iEVAL More powerful than iMATH, use English notation for a math statement
iSET More powerful than iEQ, allows use of multiple assignments
iDATE Displays the current date or specified date in any format required
iTIME Displays the current time in specified format
iMATH Do basic mathematical functions and calculations (see iEVAL)
iREPLACE Replace certain text in a string with other text
iRNDNUM Generates a random number between limits specified
iEQ Create and assign a value to a variable, also for cookies (see iSET)
iSTRCAT Concatenate two strings
iSTRIN Find the position in a string of a substring
iSTRJUST Justify specified text to left, right or center
iSTRKEEP Keeps or omits certain characters within a string
iSTRCMP Compares two strings, case sensitive
iSTRICMP Compares two strings, case insensitive
iSTRLEFT Get the left specified number of characters
iSTRLEN Get the length of a string
iSTRLPAD Pad a string to the left with a specified character
iSTRLWR Change the string to lower case
iSTRNCMP Compares two strings for N characters, case sensitive
iSTRNICMP Compares two strings for N characters, case insensitive
iSTRREV Reverses a string
iSTRRIGHT Get the right specified number of characters
iSTRRPAD Pads string to the right with a specified character
iSTRSPAN Like Basic mid$, returns text from a specified position in a string
iSTRTRIM Trim a string from the left or right of spaces
iSTRUPR Change the string to upper case

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