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A Dynamic Web Site is a valuable and functional strategic combination and use of database and Internet technology. Inline implements dynamic web sites using its powerful iHTML toolkit. The days of static only type web sites is over and users are demanding information that has value. The goal of a site is to increase awareness of the company and its products and to get visitors to return. By providing a meaningful experience, this goal is more likely to be achieved. Whether it is looking up order status or tracking shipments, companies that implement dynamic web sites will have a clear advantage in the race for Internet awareness.


Customized Content
A visitor to a web site will find it more enjoyable and meaningful if they feel like an individual and it keeps their attention. By using iHTML to give information about the visitor and their environment, it is possible to customize the site. The users browser can be determined to provide a site that uses either the Microsoft or Netscape extensions. The site can be changed based on the time of day. The IP address of the client browser can be used to determine their point of origin and thus change the site language to French if the user is from France or Quebec.

Release Value from Existing Investments
Data already resides in the company accounting/inventory system. Using that data in new ways provides better returns on past information technology investments. In other words, dynamic web sites leverage current resources.

Creating Value
Allowing customers, employees and suppliers to have access to information and allowing them to interact with that information, provides value. This can actually offload work to the customer while making the customer feel they are getting better service. The synergistic value of combining existing information and the web cannot be overstated.

Less costly
Depending on the site, it can be less costly to create a dynamic rather than static site. Dynamic sites tend to have less actual pages but appear to have thousands of pages. When there are a lot of repetitive pages such as a catalog where the product name, description, price and picture change but the overall look and feel is the same, then a dynamic site will definitely be cheaper than a static site. Maintenance costs are also lower since changes made in the existing information system automatically get reflected on the web site. Once set up, no HTML experience is needed to maintain the data in the site.

Centralizing Data
Millions of dollars get wasted each year by companies duplicating data entry efforts into disparate information systems. The dream of a centralized data depository seemed to get more difficult with the introduction of the web. Now more data is being created and existing data put in different formats. By being able to keep one copy of the data and using it in multiple ways including the web, it is possible to reduce duplication and improve data accuracy.

Open Access
With the data now centralized, the creation of access screens to the data for internal use make it possible to add, modify and delete data in corporate information systems from anywhere in the world with a web browser and Internet access. Gone is the need for expensive leased lines. Dynamic web sites may be responsible for accelerating the telecommuting revolution.


The applications for Dynamic Web Sites are limitless. It can be used to improve customer service and commerce. It allows the distribution of existing information more efficiently and effectively. This technology can also be used to improve communications by centralizing information.

Good customer service is an essential component on any successful business. Using iHTML from Inline it is possible to have customers check on stock availability, back orders and even place new orders in a secure environment. Inline can provide a complete secure payment processing system to allow Internet commerce using our iHTML technology. Transaction handling costs are greatly reduced while improvements in accuracy and the timeliness of information to your clients are made.

Many businesses and organizations are faced with the reality of having to distribute large amounts of information on their services and products. This may be in the form of pricing, availability, features or technical details of a product. Most of this information is currently stored electronically. By using Inlineís iHTML, you can unlock the value of this information and realize those benefits in cost savings and improved customer service.

Communications is a significant factor in the success of any organization and yet this seems to be one of the hardest aspects to master. By providing a centralized depository of information on company policies, forms, missions statements, strategy, presentations and discussion groups, Inline can create effective Intranet solutions that will further enhance your organizations success. Since this is cross platform capable, users with Macís, PCís and workstations can all communicate and share information with ease. With the advent of worldwide email through the Internet, it is now possible to communicate efficiently and effectively within your organization, to your customers and to your suppliers.

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