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Back Page Processing Technology

A new era has dawned with the introduction of iHTML's unique background page processing features. This allows the creation of true web applications. This is like adding a processor to a web page that can access and run that page in the background and perform the specified functions. With this feature, iHTML can be used to build many applications such as a Mailing List manager that could poll a mail server, query a database for subscriber email addresses and redistribute that mail to the subscribers.

  • Build functional Internet applications
  • Ping a page to check that it is functioning
  • Polling functionality
  • Scheduling any type of task
  • Running Backups nightly and emailing reports
  • Download data from other sites on a daily basis


Reminder Service
Use the Back Page Processor to schedule certain iHTML enhanced web pages to be accessed on a specified time schedule. This brings real power to your web applications.

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